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The abdomen less formally called the bellystomachBinärbaum und Baumdurchquerung or midriff constitutes the Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung of the body between the thorax chest and pelvisin humans and in other vertebrates. The region occupied by the abdomen is termed the abdominal cavity. In arthropods it is the posterior tagma of the body; it follows the thorax or cephalothorax. The pelvic brim stretches from the lumbosacral joint the intervertebral disc between L5 and S1 to the pubic symphysis and is the edge of the pelvic inlet.

The space above this inlet and under the thoracic diaphragm is termed the abdominal cavity. The boundary of Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung abdominal cavity is the abdominal wall in more info front and the peritoneal Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung at the rear. The abdomen contains most of the tubelike organs of the digestive tract, as well as several solid organs.

Hollow abdominal organs include the stomachthe small intestineand the colon with its attached appendix. Organs Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung as the liverits attached gallbladderand the pancreas function in close association with the digestive tract and communicate with it via ducts. Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung spleenkidneysand adrenal glands also lie within the abdomen, along with many blood vessels including the aorta and inferior vena cava.

Anatomists may consider the urinary bladderuterusfallopian tubesand ovaries as either abdominal organs or as pelvic organs. Finally, the abdomen Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung an extensive membrane called the peritoneum.

A fold of peritoneum may completely cover certain organs, whereas it may cover only one side of organs that usually lie closer to the abdominal wall. Anatomists call the latter type of organs retroperitoneal. Abdominal organs can be highly specialized in some animals. For example, the stomach of ruminants a suborder of mammals is divided into four chambers — rumenreticulumomasum and abomasum. Lower ribs can also enclose ventral and lateral walls. The abdominal cavity is upper part of the pelvic cavity.

It is attached to the thoracic cavity by the diaphragm. Structures such as the aortainferior vena cava and esophagus pass through the Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung. Both the abdominal and pelvic cavities are lined by a serous membrane known as the parietal peritoneum. This membrane is continuous with the visceral peritoneum lining Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung organs.

There are three layers of the abdominal wall. They are, from the outside to the inside: All of their Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung merge towards the midline Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung surround the rectus abdominis in a sheath before Währungsoptionen Beispiel up on the opposite side at the linea alba. Strength is gained by the criss-crossing Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung fibers, such that the external oblique are downward and forward, the internal oblique upward and go here, and the transverse Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung horizontally forward.

The transverse abdominal muscle is flat and triangular, with its fibers running horizontally. It lies between the internal oblique and the underlying transverse fascia. It originates from Poupart's ligamentthe inner lip of the ilium Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung, the lumbar fascia and the inner surface of the cartilages of the six lower ribs.

It inserts into the linea alba behind the rectus abdominis. The rectus abdominis muscles are long and flat. The muscle is crossed by three fibrous bands called the tendinous intersections. The rectus abdominis is enclosed in a thick sheath formed, as described above, by fibers from each of the three muscles Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung the lateral abdominal wall.

They originate at the bonerun up the abdomen on either side of the linea alba, and insert into the cartilages of the fifth, sixth, and seventh ribs.

In the region of the groin Wie man Optionen mit einer kleinen Einzahlung handelt, the inguinal canala passage through the layers. This gap Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung where the testes can drop through the wall and where the fibrous cord from the uterus Bewertungen über die Option tm the female runs.

This is also where weakness can form, and cause inguinal hernias. The pyramidalis muscle is small and triangular. It Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung located in the lower abdomen in front of the Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung abdominis.

It originates at the pubic bone and is inserted into the linea alba halfway up to the navel. Functionally, the human abdomen is where most of the alimentary tract is placed and so most of the absorption and digestion of food occurs here.

The alimentary tract in the abdomen consists of the lower esophagusthe stomachthe duodenumthe jejunumileumthe cecum and the appendixthe ascendingtransverse and descending colonsthe sigmoid colon and the rectum. Other vital organs inside the abdomen include the liverthe kidneysthe pancreas and the spleen.

The abdominal wall is split into the posterior backlateral sidesand anterior front walls. The abdominal muscles have different important Optionen Besteuerung. They assist in the breathing process as accessory muscles of respiration. Moreover, these muscles serve as protection for the inner organs. Furthermore, together with the back muscles they provide postural support and are important in defining the form.

When the glottis is closed and the thorax and pelvis are fixed, they are integral in the coughurinationdefecationchildbirth, vomit Download Zeit Handel mit Optionen, and singing functions. They also prevent hyperextension. When the thorax is fixed, they can pull up Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung pelvis Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung finally, they can bend the vertebral column Bollinger Band Optionen and assist in the trunk's rotation.

The transverse abdominus muscle is the deepest muscle, therefore, it cannot be touched from the outside. It can greatly affect the body posture. The internal obliques are also deep and also affect body posture. Both of them are involved in rotation Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung lateral flexion of the spine and are used to bend and support the spine von in Kauf Geld Optionen the Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung. The external obliques are more superficial read more they are also involved in rotation and lateral flexion Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung the spine.

Also they stabilize the spine when upright. The rectus abdominus Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung is not the most superficial abdominal muscle. The tendonous sheath extending from the external obliques cover the rectus abdominus.

The Rectus abdominus is the muscle that very fit people develop into the 6-pack ab look. Although, it should really be a 10 pack as there are 5 vertical sections on each side. Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung 2 bottom sections are just above the pubic bone and usually not visible, hence, the 6 pack abs.

The rectus abdominals' function is to bend one's back forward flexion. The main work of the abdominal muscles is to bend the spine forward when contracting coencentrically.

Social and cultural perceptions of the outward appearance of Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung abdomen has varying significance around the world.

Depending on the type of society, excess weight can be perceived as an Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung of wealth and prestige due to excess food, or as a sign of poor health due to lack of exercise.

In many Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung, bare abdomens are distinctly sexualized and perceived Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung to breast cleavage.

Being a key element to support the spine and contribute to a good posture, it is important to properly exercise the abdominal Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung together with the back muscles as when weak or overly tight they can suffer painful spasms as well as injuries.

When properly exercised, abdominal muscles contribute to improve posture and balance, reduce the likelihood of back pain episodes, reduce the severity of back pain, protect against injury by responding efficiently to stresses, help avoid some back surgeries, and help healing from a back problem or after spine surgery. Also, when strengthened, the abdominal muscles provide flexibility as well. The abdominal muscles can be worked out by practicing disciplines of general body strength such as PilatesyogaBinärbaum und Baumdurchquerung chiand jogging among others.

There are also specific routines to target Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung of these muscles. Abdominal obesity is Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung condition where abdominal fat or visceral fat, has built up excessively between the abdominal organs. This is associated with a higher risk of heart diseaseasthma and type 2 diabetes.

Abdominal trauma is an injury to the abdomen and can involve damage to the abdominal organs. There is an associated risk of severe blood Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung and infection. A scaphoid abdomen is when the abdomen is sucked inwards. Many gastrointestinal diseases affect the abdominal organs. These include stomach diseaseliver diseasepancreatic diseasegallbladder and bile duct disease; intestinal diseases include enteritiscoeliac diseasediverticulitisand IBS.

Welcher Broker ist besser bei Optionen Bewertungen medical procedures can be used to examine the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. These include endoscopycolonoscopysigmoidoscopyenteroscopyoesophagogastroduodenoscopy and virtual please click for source. There are also a number of medical imaging techniques that can be used.

Surface landmarks are important Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung the examination of the abdomen. In the mid-line a slight furrow extends from the xiphoid process above to the pubic symphysis below, representing the linea alba in the abdominal wall. At about its midpoint sits the umbilicus or navel.

The rectus abdominis on each side of the linea alba stands out in muscular people. The Promsvyazbank Optionen of these muscles is interrupted by three or more transverse depressions indicating the tendinous intersections. There is usually one about the xiphoid process, one at the navel, and one in between. It is the combination of the linea alba and the Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung intersections which form the Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung "six-pack" sought after by many people.

The upper lateral limit of the abdomen is the subcostal margin at or near the subcostal plane formed by the cartilages Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung the false ribs 8, 9, 10 joining one another. The lower lateral limit is the anterior crest of the ilium and Poupart's ligamentBinärbaum und Baumdurchquerung runs from the anterior superior spine of the ilium to the spine of the pubis.

These lower limits are marked by visible grooves. Just above the pubic spines on either side are the external abdominal rings, which Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung openings in the muscular wall of the abdomen through which the spermatic cord emerges in visit web page male, and through which an inguinal hernia may rupture.

One method by which Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung location of the abdominal contents can be appreciated is to draw three horizontal and two vertical lines. The two vertical or mid-Poupart lines are drawn from the point midway between the anterior superior spine and the pubic symphysis on each side, vertically upward to the costal margin. The right subcostal margin corresponds to the lower Binärbaum und Baumdurchquerung of the liverwhile the right nipple is about half an inch above its upper limit.

These three horizontal and two vertical lines divide the abdomen into nine "regions. The reversal of "left" and "right" is intentional, because the anatomical designations reflect the patient's own right and left.

The right iliac fossa RIF is a common site of pain and tenderness in patients who have appendicitis.

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The abdomen (less formally called the belly, stomach, tummy or midriff) constitutes the part of the body between the thorax (chest) and pelvis, in humans and in other vertebrates. The region occupied by the abdomen is termed the abdominal cavity.
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The abdomen (less formally called the belly, stomach, tummy or midriff) constitutes the part of the body between the thorax (chest) and pelvis, in humans and in other vertebrates. The region occupied by the abdomen is termed the abdominal cavity.
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